Who is Larry K Hill?


Oklahoma artist Larry Hill was born in the southeastern part of the state, in a small town that few have ever heard of. His childhood was marked by constant movement as he followed his father’s work for the railroad, instilling in him a sense of impermanence. Later in life, drawn by the allure of the plains, he settled down to raise his family and rekindle his passion for art.

Embarking on extensive motorcycle journeys across the country, Larry stopped wherever he pleased, capturing not only the sights but also the emotions of each place and moment. With each mile traveled and painting created, he felt compelled to share his experiences. Standing amidst the vast expanse of the plains, he sought to convey their visual impact, inhaling the scent of dry sweet grass and contemplating humanity's connection to the land.

From Hartshorne, Oklahoma, to Dalhart, Texas, and finally to Woodward, Oklahoma, Larry's artistic mission is to document the evolution of the local people—self-reliant, proud, and deeply rooted in their history yet forward-thinking.