Courtyard Chronicles: A Colorful Canvas of Community at the Court of Colors

Courtyard Chronicles: A Colorful Canvas of Community at the Court of Colors

Courtyard Chronicles: A Colorful Canvas of Community at the Court of Colors

The Court of Colors in Full Bloom, Mural by Amber Andersen

Greetings, art enthusiasts, and community connoisseurs! Prepare to embark on a visual journey as we unveil the vibrant tapestry of the Court of Colors. Nestled behind Larry K Hill Studios at 715 Main Street, this hidden gem invites you to explore the intersection of art, history, and community spirit.

Discovering the Court of Colors:

Accessible through the alley or directly from Larry K Hill Studios, the Court of Colors is more than a courtyard; it's a living canvas that breathes life into Woodward's artistic legacy. As an active participant in many of Woodward’s events in conjunction with Woodward Main Street, the Court of Colors is an integral aspect of our community.

Twelve captivating murals adorn the Court, each a masterpiece crafted by local artists including Amanda Mead, Amber Andersen, Allie Patton, Freddie Breeden, Mikel Robinson, Kim Hensal, Malory Wride, Bridget Moore, Briana Harris, on artist who wishes to be anonymous, and the local Girl Scouts Troop. Their work transforms the space into a dynamic gallery, telling tales of diversity, resilience, and pioneer spirit! 

Mikel Robinson, Upon a ladder, installing her Mural in the Court of Colors


As you step into the Court, notice the ground beneath your feet – each brick tells a story. Salvaged from the historic States Hotel, which tragically burned down last year,  these bricks pave the way for a unique connection between Woodward's past and present.

Events at the Court of Colors

May 3rd Extravaganza: Food, Art, and Film Under the Stars:

Join us on Friday, May 3rd, 2024 from 5 pm for a celebration like no other. The Court of Colors will provide a sanctuary of beauty and fun, with bistro tables, chairs, sunshades, and music as part of Woodward Main Street’s  Food Truck Throw Down! Cool off with the Art Pop-Up inside Larry K Hill Studios, and discover the alluring artworks by our locals! Then step back into the enchanting Court of Colors to experience the first ever Red Plains Film Festival as the sun sets.

Artist Bridget Moore teaching a rock painting class in the Court of Colors, Mural behind her by Amanda Mead


The Court of Colors beckons you to be part of a night filled with cultural richness, flavorful delights, and cinematic magic in the heart of downtown Woodward. Explore the murals, feel the historic bricks beneath your feet, and join us in celebrating the unique blend of art and community that defines Woodward.

For additional details or inquiries, feel free to reach out. Let's paint the night with the colors of Woodward's vibrant community!


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